Furniture Material

First we need to know a little about the basic materials used in the manufacture of furniture which will we choose for our home interior design. Because like the phrase "there is no quality price" is true. Do not get disappointed later on, we've turned out to pay expensive furniture that we receive using cheap raw materials.

Here are some types of material for furniture-making materials from the most expensive to the cheapest price.
  1. Solid wood. Solid wood is the strongest base material than wood, but due to the volume of planting and harvesting of trees that are not in balance plus the illegal logging that does not care for revegetation, causes solid wood supply is limited and more expensive than wood.
  2. Plywood. Plywood is a common base material used for making furniture. The price is relatively cheaper than solid wood. Plywood is a wood processing is relatively stronger than other wood species such as HDF, MDF, or particle board blockboard. Plywood base material is the bark layer and pressed. Plywood is usually coated leather teak, sungkai, nyatoh or other bark. With better quality than other processed wood, causing the plywood furniture with materials having a more expensive price compared to other processed wood.
  3. Blockboard. Blockboard has a slightly cheaper price than its quality as well as plywood. Materials essentially similar to plywood.
  4. MDF. MDF can be used for those of you who have a limited budget. The price is slightly cheaper than plywood and blockboard. MDF is fine sawdust who processed paper material who resembles a thick and solid. MDF is commonly used in the fabrication of furniture sold in the form of already "finished" exterior coatings normally bertexture paper. MDF or HDF is widely used as a base for imported furniture.
  5. Particle Board. Particle Board, we do not recommend if you want a durable interior and prone to flooding where you live. Particle board is the type of wood processing, the lowest class. Particle board is very vulnerable to water, because the rough wood-based powder that were pressed so who have pores larger than the MDF or HDF, so easily penetrated by water and not hold heavy loads. To use materials in interior design furniture based on custom made (special design) is rarely used particle board.
Finishing Furniture

Regardless of the basic materials used for furniture of our choosing, the outer surface must be in the finishing order to look beautiful. There are various types of styles of finishing materials, among others: Finishing Melamix, duco paint and laminate. The inside of the cabinet is usually coated melaminto materials. But the cabinet that uses glass doors, the interior is not coated melaminto, but overlaid with the same material coating the outside of the cabinet. So from the outside of glass, the inside of the cabinet still look beautiful. Finishing Melamix fluid methods is spraying melamix as finishing on the surface of furniture can be a matte finish or glossy. Color can vary, usually consisting of natural wood colors, because finishing melamix systems used in interior design to furniture that want to display a natural impression of wood fiber.

Duko paint spraying methods is duko paint on the surface of furniture. Color can vary with the choice of such diverse pastels or natural. Wood fibers on the furniture will not be visible if using duko, because it will be covered with solid color paint itself. Usually duko in interior design is used to display the impression of dynamic, elegant and modern rooms.

Laminate is a method of finishing the interior or furniture with glue the furniture surface coating materials. Coatings commonly used include HPL, tacon, decosit, supercon and PVC. Among the four coatings, the HPL's most expensive, followed tacon, decosit, and last supercon PVC.

source: renewstyle.wordpress.com

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