The New Blogger Template Designer

When I tried to log in to my Blogger Account on Dashboard I found the new feature of Blogger template designer, from now on you'll find no more Layout on dashboard setting but it has changed into Design. I found so many feature inside of it after I tried it. You can try the new blogger template designer with live preview on your blog before you apply your new template.

Besides templates you can find so many background image for your blog and you can select some background image you like. You can arrange your gadgets by dragging them to dotted sections in the layout preview. And if you have advance experience you can go to Advance template by your own design.

The New Blogger Template Designer available like Simple, Picture Window, and Watermark by Josh Peterson, Awesome Inc by Tina Chen, and Ethereal by Jason Morrow. Why don't you try it.

It is awesome! Yes it really is.

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hmcahyo said...

Salam kenal aja deh :D

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