Pretty Number of Alexa Traffic Rank

I found a pretty number for My blog Alexa Traffic Rank When I browse on Google Indonesia using keyword Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace, as usual Risma2006 Blog is in the 3rd rank on search result page. The pretty number for Risma2006 Blog Alexa Traffic Rank was 993,933. When I see it at the first time, It's gonna be an interesting article to post on My Blog Risma2006 Blog, so here it is.

Here are some image from Risma2006 Blog Alexa Rank screen shot from time to time:

Alexa Old Look

Alexa New Look

Pretty Alexa Traffic Rank

I wanna tell you a secret or just a Blogging Tips about how to decrease your Blog Alexa Traffic Rank. The first thing to know that you got to write at least an article about Alexa or a little review about how to install or how to place Alexa widgets on your site to promote your traffic rank and reviews. Make some review about how to claim your site to easily update your site information, and how to advertise on Alexa.

I hope this Alexa Traffic Rank tips will work on your site and why don't you try the tips and enjoy it.

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tips beli rumah said...

someone use the bolg....must know about the alexa the traffic rank......

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