Wrong Hole

A young entrepreneur from America comes to Japan to do negotiation of business with a Sakura country entrepreneur. Because of his work, the young entrepreneur never have time to make relationship with a girl, so during his life he has never having sex.

The night before negotiation of business started, the Japan entrepreneur serve his guest typically, that is by sending a beautiful Geisha to the hotel room of the young entrepreneur. Of course such consignment he has no power to refuse. So, the night becomes first night for the young entrepreneur. He wrestles the beautiful geisha with passions and having sex eventually. Just like geisha, they do not speak anything and tending to follow her partner asked. After completed wreaking the buoyant ambition, the entrepreneur praises greatness to the geisha in serving him, but simply the geisha doesn't speak English. She was just say few words with a little smile "Hana ga machigai aru." The young entrepreneur thought that geisha praises the greatness in having sex with him. He also smiles and thought that geisha said "you are very good".

On the way to the meeting room the day after, he always try to memorize the words. After negotiation of business that is success, Japan entrepreneur invites young entrepreneur to play golf. And both then played golf while always do negotiation of business. In a moment Japan entrepreneur putting the golf ball into the hole finely. Young entrepreneur wish to praise and to make him happy. "Hana ga machigai aru," he said. But suddenly, the Japan entrepreneur instead surprised. He looks into the hole of the entry ball while open mouthed. "What, I am wrong entered?" It is the right hole?" At the heart of young entrepreneur in a moment full of questions. Now he knows a simple meaning of words "Hana ga machigai aru" means: You are in wrong hole.

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