Comluv Blog Inactive Do I have to Pay

I recently write some more article on Comluv Blog for free. I started to use Comluv in Janruary 2010, I have wrote about 15 to 30 articles the. I haven't update My Comluv Blog since Astaga.com Lifestyle On The Net SEO Contest was over. And this day I tried to log in to Covluv to write some more article there. But it was really surprise me with their warning said Blog : Inactive. Do I have to pay to reactivate My Comlov Blog http://risma2006.comluv.com?

Note: Depending on your payment method it may take just a few minutes (Credit Card or PayPal funds) or it may take several days (eCheck) for your account to be activated.

Activate blog for one month (for 1 USD): PayPal
Activate blog for three months (for 2 USD): PayPal
Activate blog for one year (for 5 USD): PayPal

If you're here to make a real blog, one that you publish your own articles on to write about whatever it is you want to share with people then submit a request for a free blog below. Please include a reason why you want a blog here. If you're one of the good bloggers then this will be easy for you to answer.

I would like a free blog because .... (give your reason) and submit your request. And I said I would like a free blog because I love to write blog on comluv for free. And They said Request Pending. Your request for a free blog is still pending. Your request may take longer if it doesn't provide enough information to make a quick decision. If you need your blog right now, choose 1 month payment and pay. If/when your request is approved, your blog will be extended by 90 days. I said LOL.

Because of My Covluv Blog is inactive so I can't add new article there. You may need to pay to Comluv to reactivate your blog otherwise you'll need to wait until they reactivate your Free Comluv Blog. What I'm trying to say is, I need to write some more support for Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace and I wish I could write it on http://risma2006.comluv.com.

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traffic said...

Great idea for me. Your comluv is inactive now?

Romadhona said...

Really, what you mean? you want to buy inactive website/blog with comluv?

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